1. A Closer Connection:
    Everything is new. Everything is better. Stiffer, lighter, closer—the S-Works 7 spares no expense in transferring your power straight to the pedals.
2. Comfort For 10,000km, Not Just 10km
    New materials. New construction. And the Body Geometry features you love. S-Works 7 will change your expectations forever.
3. How the Best Should Look
    Seldom is luxury a feeling associated with cycling shoes—until now. We cleaned up all the lines, used exclusive materials, and added some functional pop with exclusive BOA® dials.




When You're In Love, Lock It Down

A New PadLock™ Heel

The first PadLock™ Heel was slip-proof, but this came at the expense of some comfort. Not content, we digested a ton of rider feedback and then took on the challenge of injecting more comfort into the equation without any loss of the efficient power transfer we've all came to love. Our engineers nailed it—extra cookies for them.


Precision Ain't Just For Fancy Watches

Every Detail Accounted For

Form that complements function? Sign us up. Every detail of the S-Works 7 has been labored over and scrutinized, so much so that features like bonded edges and exclusive BOA® dials create an aesthetic that actually paves the way for performance. How's that for having your cake and eating it, too?


What Are Those?!

Custom S3 BOA® Dials

We worked directly with BOA® to create dials like you’ve never seen before. These CNC’d alloy dials not only add panache, but they feature spring clutch internals and one-millimeter micro-adjustments. Durable. Precise. Perfect. And yeah, you won't find them anywhere else.


Out Of This World

Dyneema® Mesh

What happens when you take NASA parachute material use for atmospheric reentry and make some shoes out of it? You get a shoe so awesome all others are in its orbit. Dyneema® Mesh is extremely malleable and adaptive, but it doesn’t stretch when pulled. And in these shoes, it conforms to the contours of your foot for slipper-like comfort without any power loss. Oh yeah, and these are the only cycling shoes to feature this out-of-this-world material.

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